Lawn Aeration in Boston, MA

Just like a person, your lawn needs to breathe. But when soil gets compacted and thatch builds up, it can impede proper air flow. This means roots are suffocating and are unable to absorb nutrients and water, which leads to issues with weak, spotty growth. Let the aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Boston help. We know how to conquer compaction, tear up tough thatch, and provide the room your lawn needs to breathe easy again.

The Advantages of Lawn Aeration

There are two different ways to approach lawn aeration. The first involves using spikes on a roller to perforate your lawn. The second, called core aeration, actually cores out plugs of soil that are about 3-4 inches deep throughout your lawn. Not only is this method more effective and longer lasting, but it’s also the only one Lawn Doctor of Boston relies on for aeration. Here are some advantages you can expect from our lawn aeration services:

  • Better air flow
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • A stronger root system and thicker turf
  • More efficient water absorption and usage
  • Enhanced ability to absorb heat
  • Lush, thick growth in the weeks and months following aeration

How to Tell if Your Lawn Needs Aeration

turf tamer lawn aeration boston machineAs local aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Boston knows soil compaction is easy to spot. For instance, puddles throughout your lawn that don’t get absorbed or thin, yellowing, patchy grass are all signs of compaction. However, you can also test to be sure. Simply stick a screwdriver as far as you can into your lawn’s soil. If it goes in easily, without any resistance, then your soil is most likely healthy. If, however, you have to fight to get the screwdriver in, then it’s a sign your lawn needs to be aerated.

Best Times to Aerate

At Lawn Doctor of Boston, knowing when to perform aeration depends on the type of grass you have in your lawn. For instance, with cool-season types (think Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass), it’s best to aerate in the fall or early spring. When it comes to warm-season grasses (like Buffalo or Bermuda), the end of spring is the optimal time for aeration.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Boston for Aeration?

Would you rather spend loads of time and money aerating on your own, or leave it to the experts so you can enjoy your day? If it’s the latter, call in the aeration specialists at Lawn Doctor of Boston. We have the experienced technicians, knowledge of local growing conditions, and proprietary equipment to perform proper core aeration that gets the results you want.

Ready to outsource lawn aeration to Boston’s local experts? Call in Lawn Doctor of Boston today at 781.826.2920. Our lawn aeration services are also available for homeowners in Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Dedham, Braintree, Weymouth, and Quincy.