Lawn Doctors Tree and Shrub Program

Our Tree and Shrub program gives your Trees and Shrubs what they need to thrive and reach their full potential. We give your trees vital nutrients to stimulate growth and enhance color as well as protect them from damaging insects and fungal disease.

Every treatment includes our inspect and treat approach and we apply IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Standards because we care about our customers and the environment.

Step 1 Spring Fertilizer: A drench of our organic Tree and Shrub fertilizer will start your foliage and blooms off strong for the season.

Step 2 Spring Horticultural Oil: An early treatment with Horticultural Oil will coat insect eggs and reduce the hatch of insects that feed on plantings in the spring.

Step 3 – 5 Spring/Summer Insect and Disease: Treatment to control insects and disease that affect the appearance and health of trees and shrubs.

Step 6 Fall Dormant Oil: Another application of Horticultural Oil to   control active insect eggs that would overwinter on your trees and shrubs.

Step 7 Anti-Desiccant: A spray that provides a protective waxy coating that reduces water loss from evergreen foliage.

Guaranteed Results If you have a problem with any service we will return at no charge to resolve any issue you might have. We will make it right!

Lawn Doctors Tree and Shrub Program includes all installed plant material and shrubs and excludes mature, Native and Specialty Trees. This program includes all plantings up to 25ft in height. Control of boring insects and certain diseases cannot be guaranteed. Our guarantee applies to full program customers.