Super Green Soil Enrichment Program

soil enrichment program Your Soil is the most important part of your lawn, but it is often overlooked. The best way to improve your lawn is to improve your soil. A lawn is an ecosystem of bacteria, fungus, microbes, organic matter and sand. Grass will flourish in the most vibrant and diverse of soil ecosystems.

Our Proprietary All Organic Product Super Green Plus is the primary ingredient in our Soil Enrichment Program and includes biologically active material and contains Humic Acid, Sea Kelp, and plant growth hormones to aid green up, buffer and extend nitrogen release rates, and to add oxygen to the soil profile for greater nutrient uptake. It also includes a micro-nutrient blend developed for when micro-nutrient deficiencies are present or as an enhancement to a fertility program.

Benefits of Soil Enrichment include:

Drought Resistance: Our proprietary product will help your lawn hold moisture and get the most out of your watering.

Disease Resistance: Applying harsh fungicides can often harm your lawn by killing off beneficial fungi in your lawn. By enhancing your lawns natural ecosystem we can often fight off fungal pathogens the natural way.

Increased Microbial Activity: By stimulating and feeding the existing soil we encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria and microbes. The more life in your soil the better.

Reduction in Thatch: Thatch is a layer of root-like material between your grass and the soil. It’s decomposition relies on microbes and bacteria in your soil which will feed on and reduce thatch. Our program increases the microbial and bacterial activity.

Provides Vital Micro-nutrients: Iron, Copper, Manganese and other trace elements are added when micro-nutrient deficiencies are present or as an enhancement to a fertility program. Iron can give your lawn a darker green color.

Improved Efficiency of Fertilizer: Soil Enrichment will make water insoluble nitrogen already in your soil soluble and allow for better uptake of all nutrients by grass plants.

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