Worried About Mosquitoes & Ticks?

“It’s nice to see warm weather, but when those temps start rising, the mosquitoes start flying.” Denise, a mother of three, was standing in the backyard of her Quincy home. “After everything we went through to keep the family healthy this year, the last thing I want is one of the kids coming down with West Nile or Zika.”

Mosquitoes are surprisingly deadly creatures. Many people don’t realize these flying pests are responsible for more than a million deaths a year. It’s very important for the health and safety of your family to keep the number of mosquito bites they experience to an absolute minimum. The same is true for ticks, which carry the debilitating and sometimes deadly Lyme Disease.

What’s the Best Way to Get Mosquitoes & Ticks Out of The Yard?

Your Quincy lawn company can help you keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard. Mosquito control requires a multi-stage approach that involves identifying and removing mosquito nesting areas in your yard. These include any low areas where water pools, as this is the mosquitoes’ favorite place to lay eggs and hatch larvae. Then lawn care technicians apply treatment to the leaf litter and low-hanging branches where  mosquitoes rest when they’re not flying around biting people. This dual approach eliminates the entire mosquito population. Throughout the year, this treatment will need to be repeated every month or so throughout the insect’s active period.  In the Quincy area, the treatment period can extend between early spring – March/April – through the onset of colder fall temperatures in September/October.

A similar approach is used to control the tick population in your yard. “Of course it was important to me that the kids and pets would be able to play in the yard safely after we had this treatment done,” Denise explained. “That’s why we asked about all natural pest control. These kid-and-pet safe treatments mean I get total peace of mind.”