What’s the Best Type of Grass Seed for My Lawn?

Believe it or not, spring is actually right around the corner. That  means it’s time to start thinking about having grass planted. There are several reasons people have grass planted. The first is new construction – if you’ve just had a home built, power seeding is the fastest, most sensible way to establish a healthy new lawn.  The second is that the existing grass isn’t healthy enough to cover the lawn in a vibrant, attractive way.

Choose Grass Seed Based on the Way You Use Your Lawn

As a Quincy lawn care service, before we put a single grass seed in the ground, we talk to homeowners about how they use their lawn. Do they have children who love to play soccer? Do they have pets that love to roll and dig? Do they enjoy sitting outside on a lawn chair and watch the birds? The type of activities that occur on your lawn direct what type of grass will be best suited for your home.

Choose Grass Seed Based on Local Growing Conditions

Grass, like any plant, grows best in conditions suited to it. Some grasses thrive on sunny, sandy beaches while others are at their best in shady locations. There are regional differences – while Kentucky bluegrass, rye, and fescue generally grow well locally, that’s not true everywhere. You will want to choose a grass seed that meets the demands of your lifestyle and grows well here.

What is Power Seeding?

Power seeding is the fastest, most effective way to establish a healthy new lawn. The secret to getting grass to grow quickly is to maximize the amount of seed-soil contact. The more of the seed that touches the soil, the faster it will grow.  Power seeding doesn’t damage the existing grass, but it does give the new grass its best possible start.