What’s the Secret to Healthier Grass? Lawn Aeration

“I’ve been watching my neighbor for a few years now,” Frank said. “That sounds really creepy, but it’s not. I just would love our yard to look as good as Steve’s does. And at last, I think I cracked the mystery.”

“While the pandemic has caused everyone a lot of hardship, it did reveal to me the reason why Steve’s lawn has such lush green grass and ours, well, doesn’t,” the Quincy homeowner said. “When I was working remotely, I happened to see the local lawn service truck pull up at Steve’s place. Turns out there were there to aerate the lawn. Apparently he has this done every couple of years. Apparently it helps the grass get enough oxygen, moisture, and nutrition.”

Lawn aeration isn’t this great Quincy lawn’s only secret. “The lawn service showed up a few times over the course of the summer. Apparently they apply fertilizer periodically. I’d tried doing the fertilizer thing on my own and have had no success. When I asked Steve about it, it turns out they specially blend the fertilizer mix for each lawn to get the best results.”

“So that made sense to me. Lawn aeration to make sure the roots are open and receptive to nutrition. Regular fertilization to keep the lawn fed. But how come Steve’s lawn is all grass when I have crab grass popping up all over the place?” Frank said. “Well, knowledge is power. In our conversation, I found out that the Quincy lawn care service also provides weed control – specifically for crab grass and other broad leaf weeds. Who knew that one simple treatment was faster and more effective than all of the back breaking pulling and digging I’d been doing?”

This year, Frank is working with a lawn care service for the first time ever. “They do everything but the mowing, which is fine by me,” he explained. “The mowing I don’t mind. And now that I’ll have healthy grass to mow, it’ll be even better.”