Did Someone Say Garden Party? How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Entertaining

Summer’s almost here, people are getting vaccinated, and after a long, difficult time away from each other, soon we’ll be enjoying each other’s company once again. If you’re planning on doing some outdoor entertaining this summer, here are three things you can do now to make sure your lawn is the perfect setting for fun.

#1: Power Seeding Should Happen Now

If you’ve got bare and patchy grass, or dry conditions damaged the lawn previously, or the grass you have just isn’t as lush and healthy as you’d like it to be, spring is the season to have your Quincy lawn care service do some power seeding. Power seeding is like planting grass seed, but better. Instead of scattering grass seed on the top of the surface – the way most homeowners do – power seeding deposits specially treated seeds directly into the soil without damaging or disturbing any of the surrounding grass. This maximizes the amount of seed to soil contact, which results in fast, lush, healthy grass growth.

#2: It’s Also Time to Fertilize

Is there anything more important in the way you look and feel than nutrition? The same is true for your lawn. Healthy, vibrant grass requires a regular supply of minerals and nutrients. As a lawn care service in Quincy, we customize fertilizer applications based on the unique soil conditions and microclimate in each homeowner’s yard. Spring fertilization gives your lawn a boost of nutrition right when it’s most critical. For best results, have your Quincy lawn care service fertilize at least twice more during the growing season.

#3: Mosquito and Tick Control is Important

If you’re going to be entertaining people, you want them to be safe and comfortable. After a year of dodging COVID, no one wants to wind up with Lyme Disease, Zika, or any of the other diseases ticks and mosquitoes carry.  Luckily, there’s mosquito and tick control service available, as well as lawn services in North Quincy. Family and pet family products are strategically applied to the lawn periodically throughout the year to keep insects out.