Winter Lawn Protection From Freeze Damage

Winter frost can cause major damage to your lawn and surrounding plants, but freeze damage may also occur in the winter. 

Be sure you begin your protection program before the danger of an early freeze, and maintain the protection until the probability of freezing temperatures have passed.

Here are some steps to protect your lawn and plants:

  • To prevent cracking, wrap the trunks of young trees up to at least 3 to 4 feet up the ground
  • Use layers of mulch around the base of a plant to keep moisture in the soil
  • Protect surrounding plants in open areas with windbreaks. This helps reduce moisture lost.
  • Apply potassium fertilizer in the fall to help winterize your lawn.
  • Consider spring lawn fertilization to help the lawn recover from winter stress
  • Fill in low areas of the lawn to avoid moisture from puddling and freezing and damaging the lawn.

The cost of a winter care program is low, while the cost of replacing valuable plantings may be very high.  Protect the beauty and the value of your landscaping and lawn against the rigors of freezing temperatures.

If you are in doubt about the need for winter protection on any of your plantings and lawn, call your local Lawn Doctor for assistance.

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