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Organic Lawn Care – What Is It?

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Lawn Doctor

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If you have spent any time at the grocery store lately, you know that organic foods – that is, food that is made without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics or growth hormones. The basic idea is that the organic foods – whether strawberries or chickens or broccoli or beef – are all natural, and do not put chemicals into the human body.

The increased popularity of organic foods has led to increased interest in organic lawn care. Such lawns would be treated with natural fertilizer and would not have chemical pesticides used on them. Instead, things like ladybugs could be used to keep away insects, pests, and natural, not chemical, fertilizer would be used. The more natural, the better.

To that end, Lawn Doctor offers a variety of Organic Lawn Care services. Here is some information on what the program offers:

Organic fertilizer can help make your lawn greener

Lawn Doctor’s organic fertilizer gets at least 30% of the nutrients in it from either organic or natural sources. This product can help your lawn or garden grow, and can help make your soil healthier. In addition, it is non-toxic and safe to humans and pets. You do not have to worry about what may happen if your dog or cat gets into it. And you will still get the same benefits from this fertilizer as you would with a healthier product.

Integrated pest management can have an organic component

Both our pre-emergent and broad leaf weed control services are available as organic lawn care services, as is our mole repellent program and other services designed to get insects out of your yard. That means that you can take care of insects and weeds without having to worry about the dangers of applying chemical pesticides to your lawn. This is something that could be very important to you. In addition, our integrated pest management services take a more holistic approach when it comes to getting rid of such things that can damage your lawn. It is a sustainable method of pest management.

Organic lawn care can ease drought issues

You may find with organic lawn care that you are using less water – a big issue, especially with many areas of the country under water conversation rules. This means that using the organic lawn care can not just improve the health of your lawn, the soil, and the lawn’s roots, but it can reduce drought stress. That is something worth considering.

Environmental stewardship is important to us

Our family of lawn care professionals at Lawn Doctor are committed to principles of environmental stewardship. Our trained professionals will make sure that your lawn only gets the services it needs, without unnecessary applications draining your lawn. In addition, we are very conscious of keeping the earth green and clean.

Other organic lawn care services available

We also offer a variety of our custom lawn care services as organic services. That includes power seeding, natural pH adjustment, core aeration, and soil enrichment. In fact, you will be surprised at how many organic lawn care services we offer. Why not contact us today?

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