What Can You Do in Winter to Keep Weeds Away in Summer?

When you are growing your garden, or enjoying your lawn next summer, the last thing you want are some unsightly weeds ruining the look of your yard. But what can you do to keep the weeds away and protect your garden? Here are a few tips:

Know your enemy

You may already know which weeds have been a pest in your area, but now is a good time to learn more about them, and how to control them. This may sound silly to do on a cold winter night, but you can look online to see which weeds you need to watch out for in your area, as well as learning more about the weeds that you may have already seen in your garden. Now is a good time to learn more about how to keep away the different kinds of weeds which may affect your lawn, as there is no one single method to control all weeds.

Bare soil is not your friend

Weeds get a foothold in your yard via bare soil. You do not want to have tempting areas of bare soil for them to grow in. During the winter, you can mulch those areas – talk to your Lawn Doctor professional on how to do that. What mulch can do is protect the soil, conserve moisture, and keep your yard looking fresh for the spring, as well as keeping weeds away. Whether you use peat moss, grass clippings, compost, or even plastic, mulch can help the weeds from growing.

Another thing to consider is planting cover crops to protect your garden during the winter that can keep the weeds at bay. Planting things like rye, clover, and buckwheat, and letting them grow over the winter, can keep the weeds from growing in the soil. They also look nice, too. Why not give them a try?

Talk with your Lawn Doctor professional

Lawn Doctor lawn care experts can have tips you may have not even thought of in order to keep weeds away from your yard. Talk to them about what you can do to make your yard ready for spring and summer. They will know what works to keep the particular types of weeds in your area away. You do not need to be a weed expert on your own; instead, ask the friendly folks at Lawn Doctor for advice. Good luck.

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