Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape During The Winter Snow Season

The snow and cold temperatures keep your lawn dormant or resting until spring.  There is no maintenance your lawn requires during this period.  What is important is to prepare your lawn and landscape before the snow arrives.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is the best time to prepare yourself and your yard for the warm seasons ahead in order to have a green, lush lawn.

  • When spreading any ice-melting products on your sidewalks or driveways, be cautious not to harm your lawn and ornamentals
  • If heavy snow accumulates on small trees and shrubs remove some of the snow to prevent damage to your tree and shrubs
  • Winterize your lawn mower by sharpening the blades, changing the oil and air filter
  • Remove debris such as fallen branches, leaves, and sticks
  • Limit traffic on lawn areas to avoid winter injury
  • Do not apply fertilizer if the soil is frozen.

If winter diseases like snow mold attack your lawn, do not panic!  Snow mold often looks bad but rarely kills the grass. Snow mold is a very popular fungal lawn disease that occurs after snow melts into the lawn.  In the spring use a leaf rake to rake out the matted areas created by the disease.  This will allow the grass to recover on its own gradually.

Always be patient! When warm spring temperatures return, so will the green, lush color to your lawn.  For more information and tips, please contact your local Lawn Doctor.

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