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Controlling Spring Dandelions

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Lawn Doctor

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During warm weather season, weeds will begin to sprout from the seeds in the soil or they can be carried in from other areas. There are many types of weeds that your lawn can encounter during the spring season, but one of the most common types of weed is dandelions.

What are Spring Dandelions?

Dandelions can be classified as either a beautiful plant or a spreading nuisance on your lawn. During early spring season is the time where dandelions are most predominant.  The roots of a premature dandelion are very strong. Roots usually grow in compacted soil, so the dandelion can receive the nutrients it needs to emerge from the ground.

As spring dandelions mature, you will notice yellow flowers on your lawn that range from two to fifteen inches. These flowers will spread and cause surrounding areas to be affected. Once maturity is present, the yellow dandelions will turn into white puffy seed heads. Each of these seeds can spread far and wide especially during windy days.

Removing and Controlling Dandelions

Most weeds can be manually pulled and dug out by hand, but since dandelions spread their seeds easily that task would take days to be completed. Here are some tips in controlling spring dandelions:

  1. Mow the lawn regularly. By mowing the lawn before the dandelion matures, you can reduce the weed from spreading
  2. Aerate your lawn. Since dandelions live upon compacted soil, it is important to aerate the soil for less compaction in the turf
  3. Apply a weed-and-feed product. The effects will transport from the leaves into the roots causing the dandelions to wither on your lawn. These products can be found in home & garden centers or retailers, or you can hire a local lawn care specialist to assist with this process.

If dandelions continue to appear on your lawn, contact your local Lawn Doctor professionals for further assistance in weed control services.

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