Lawn Aeration in Westerville

lawn aeration in WestervilleTake a deep breath and exhale — don’t you feel better? Your lawn benefits from being able to breathe well too. That is why lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Columbus plays an important role in growing a lush, green lawn. We are a locally owned and operated company that combines proven practices, industry exclusive equipment and a team of local experts to deliver the most beautiful, healthy lawn possible.

Why is Lawn Aeration Important?

Compacted soil and thatch buildup are two of the main reasons lawn aeration is a necessary part of your yard’s health. When these problems present themselves, your grass is not able to breathe or get the nutrients it needs. Essentially, your lawn is suffocating and aeration is the best way to solve this common problem.

With lawn aeration, your lawn benefits from:

  • Stronger roots
  • Increasing the ability to absorb heat
  • Improved effectiveness of lawn fertilizer applications

Lawn Aeration Made Just for Westerville Area Yards

At Lawn Doctor of Columbus, we work with each of our customers to come up with a customized lawn aeration and maintenance program. For your lawn aeration needs, our team will evaluate the current state of your soil and whether aeration is needed. We’ll then work with you to determine the best course of action to improve the health of your lawn.

In the Columbus area, our soil is very compacted, dense and clay-like.  Lawns should be aerated every year or at a minimum every other year. The most optimal time of year to aerate is in the late fall after the peak growing time and before grass goes dormant for the winter.

Leave Lawn Aeration to the Experts

The cost of renting equipment to aerate your lawn can be high. That cost, along with the difficulty of using the equipment, is a great reason to place your trust in the capable hands of Lawn Doctor of Columbus. With our equipment, we can combine core aeration and over seeding services to improve the look of your lawn. With this combination service, the evenly spaced holes around your property are filled with seeds to encourage the growth of new grass. We will work hard to provide you with guaranteed results while you enjoy spending time with family, friends or pursuing one of your favorite hobbies.

With Lawn Doctor of Columbus on the job, you should see a thicker, lusher lawn. Make sure your lawn is breathing properly by letting Lawn Doctor of Columbus care for it with our proven and guaranteed lawn aeration services. Call us today at 614-771-1589 for more information.