Lawn Doctor of Westerville: Guaranteed Mosquito Control

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in WestervilleThe mosquito buzzing around your head is annoying for sure, but it also poses a danger to you and those you care about. With mosquito control services from Lawn Doctor of Westerville, you can not only keep mosquitoes from ruining your next outdoor event, but also protect you and your family from a number of diseases.

Mosquito Control Brings Peace of Mind

Because mosquitoes can carry dangerous or even deadly diseases, it is more important than ever to stay protected. With the exclusive Yard Armour® system from Lawn Doctor of Westerville, your entire yard will be shielded from the threat of mosquitoes.

Yard Armour works in three key areas to provide:

  • Prevention – Our local experts begin by partnering with you to determine ways we can prevent mosquitoes from invading your property. We also help educate you on ways you can do your part in keeping them at bay.
  • Control – By applying strong yet environmentally friendly products to your property, we create a barrier that protects you from the harm and annoyances mosquitoes can bring.
  • Maintenance – We continue to keep this barrier strong by providing ongoing treatments as well as information on how you can reduce the presence of mosquitoes on your property.

Mosquito Control Made to Meet Your NeedsInfographic showing all the places where mosquitoes hide around the house and lawn: watering cans, planters, clogged gutters, old tires, open trash cans, kiddie pools, fountains/bird baths, bucket & pails.

When you first partner with Lawn Doctor of Westerville, our local experts will guide you through our mosquito control options to determine what is best for your unique situation. We explain how our mosquito control treatments will work and the process we follow from prevention to maintenance.

We will review with you the areas of your yard that mosquitoes will most likely breed and focus the treatments there. For adult mosquitoes already posing a threat, our Yard Armour Mosquito Control will work to reduce the population while also preventing future pests from breeding.

Mosquito Control for Special Events

If you are planning an upcoming event on your property, the last thing you want is mosquitoes showing up to crash the party. Lawn Doctor of Westerville can provide one-time mosquito control treatments and sprays for occasions like: weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday cookouts, graduation parties, and more.

It’s time to make your property a mosquito-free zone. Let Lawn Doctor of Westerville make that a reality with our mosquito control services. Call us today at 614-771-1589 and ask about our free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate.