Lawn Weed Control for Your Westerville Area Home

Weeds are out there, lurking and waiting to undo all of your hard yard work. Lawn Doctor of Westerville is your local expert in lawn weed control services. We can help you create and maintain an outdoor space unmarred by the growth of common weeds.

Why Lawn Weed Control Matters

Simply put, weeds are any unwanted plants growing on your property. Whether those weeds are found in your yard, the garden or any other dirt-based area, they are unsightly and you want them gone! More than just an eyesore, weeds steel vital nutrients from your lawn making it harder for it to grow and thrive.

Why Choose Our Lawn Weed Control Services?

Lawn Doctor of Westerville is a locally owned and operated lawn care company. This means we are a part of the community and invested in its success. We stand behind our work, because a job we do well reflects on the community we share. Our local experts will partner with you to come up with a personalized weed control program to fit your property’s needs. They use their knowledge of the local climate and vegetation to determine the best lawn weed control program to treat your yard.

A Variety of Weed Control Solutionslawn weed control in Westerville

Knowing what kinds of weeds are in your yard means knowing how best to handle them. Our team of experts use their knowledge to deliver a weed-free yard. They know how best to control, eliminate and maintain:

  • Broadleaf Weeds – Weeds with wider leaves, like dandelions, purslane, clover, and chickweed.
  • Grassy Weeds – Weeds like crabgrass that grow under similar conditions to regular grass and often inadvertently thrive with the care of your lawn.
  • Annual Weeds – Weeds which grow for one year or less and are typically brought in via a seed from birds, the wind or even accidently by homeowners.
  • Perennial Weeds – These last for more than a season and can establish roots in your yard, making them tougher to be rid of.

There are hundreds of varieties of weeds. Our local experts know which are most prevalent in the Westerville area and how and when to treat them for the best results. We also proudly serve the surrounding communities of New Albany, Gahanna, Delaware, Lewis Center, Northeastern Columbus, and Galena

Don’t let a single weed take away from an otherwise beautiful, healthy lawn. Let the guaranteed weed control services from Lawn Doctor of Westerville help keep your yard at the top of its game.

Call us today at (740) 879-3774 to find out how we can partner with you for a free, on-site evaluation.