Organic Lawn Care in Columbus, Oh

Organic lawn care programs offer chemical free products that will keep your lawn green and lush.   Our organic program helps us both focus on the environment while providing organic fertilizers and herbicides.

Lawn Doctor’s organic lawn care treatment will help grass to be green and healthy while deterring lawn pests, improving the soil. Our organic lawn service programs have a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Some people may worry that using organic lawn services might hurt their lawn more than it helps it. After all, how can somebody get rid of weeds naturally? Luckily, organic lawn fertilizers can be just as effective for lawn care as traditional services. In addition, organic grass seed can help make a green and sustainable lawn. Overall, using organic and green services helps sustain the environment and grow healthy and strong grass.

Organic lawn care programs may not provide the amount of initial weed control that a traditional fertilizer and weed control program offers.  It will take longer to control weeds due to organic based herbicides that do not contain the chemicals in many herbicides.

Every lawn is different, and our initial soil test will tell us what the pH and nutrient levels are in your lawn.   We may recommend our Soil Enrichment program which is all organic as well.  The soil enrichment program offers additional bio-stimulants beyond our organic fertilizers.

We also recommend Power Seeding if your lawn is thin or bare.  Power Seeding is a proprietary service completed with Patented, ground-metered Power Seeders only Lawn Doctor uses.

Our organic fertilizer program can offer a variety of benefits such as:
  • Increasing soil health by building organic matter within the soil
  • Enhancing water distribution and retention in the lawn and soil
  • Stimulating natural soil life
  • Strengthening the natural defense system of plants
  • Improving growth of roots
  • Lowering drought stress when water is limited

Our experienced organic lawn maintenance professionals can care for the whole landscape, not just the lawn and yard but also soil, trees, plants, garden, and shrubs as well. Lawn Doctor provides organic to customers with eco-friendly lawn products such as organic fertilizers and organic lawn weed control.

Organic yard care products provide the following benefits to your soil and lawn:

Lawn Doctor’s entire complement of custom organic lawn services is available now and includes surface-feeding insect control to fight against pests. Lawn Doctor offers organic lawn services that are affordable and give homeowners and managers of commercial property the option of green yard services such as organic lawn pest and weed control.

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