Lawn Aeration in Columbus

Despite all the mowing, watering, and fertilizing you’re doing, you could still be noticing signs of a problem in your yard. If it’s puddling water, weak growth, and discoloration, soil compaction could be the culprit. Not only does it put pressure on roots, but it interferes with nutrient, water, and oxygen absorption. That’s where lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Columbus can help.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Columbus: The Benefits for Your Yard

Beautiful lawns take a lot of work to maintain. Lawn aeration is one of those treatments that some homeowners forget about, but is vital for both health and appearance in your yard. With it, surface thatch and soil compaction are relieved, increasing nutrient, water, and airflow to turf roots. As a result, your lawn will experience:

  • More efficient absorption of resources in the soil, as well as from fertilizer applications
  • Better airflow throughout the soil and more room for roots to grow
  • Enhanced water uptake, so your grass stays well hydrated
  • Fewer issues with diseases and pests, thanks to a reduction in surface thatch, which can harbor both

How often you aerate depends on a variety of factors, including your soil type and yard usage. For instance, dense clay soils require annual aeration. In addition, if your yard experiences heavy usage from people, pets, vehicles, and equipment, then compacted soil is highly likely. If you’re not sure whether your soil is compacted, look for signs of poor drainage and weak growth. You can also try sticking a screwdriver into the ground. If it’s difficult to do, it’s often because of soil compaction.

Lawn Aeration Services: What to Expect with Our Approach

At Lawn Doctor of Columbus, you can rely on us for the most thorough approach to aeration. With core aeration, our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment removes small plugs of soil from your lawn, alleviating compaction so more air, nutrients, and water can get to grass roots. This process also cuts down dramatically on surface thatch that’s restricting vital essentials from penetrating into the ground.

While aerating is excellent for lawns, it can cause stress if not performed at the right point of the season. With our aeration services, you never have to worry about this. We will evaluate your turf, soil condition, and grass types so we can recommend a schedule that’s best for your lawn. This is typically just before the active growing period for your lawn, so it can recover as quickly as possible.

Beyond Columbus, we also offer lawn aeration in the surrounding communities, including Upper Arlington, Westerville, New Albany, Powell, and Dublin. Connect with us today at (614) 771-1589 to learn more with a free consultation.