Tree & Shrub Winterizing Guide

Severe winter conditions can be damaging to the health and beauty of your landscape. Here are a few steps to make sure your trees and shrubs are ready for winter.

  1. flowers and trees in front of brick housesMake sure to provide plenty of water  for the plantings on your property before the ground freezes. Focus on new plantings as they’ll need more water than established ones.
  2. Prevent snow and wind damage by wrapping or tying tall, thin trees together. Depending on the year, snow may be enough to weigh down, bend and even break these types of trees.
  3. Prevent sunscald and windburn on your delicate trees. Wrap them in burlap or it’s trunk in a plastic tree guard, depending on it’s type.
  4. Apply a Deer Proofing product. Deer forage and chew  on shrubs, causing serious damage. Arborvitaes and hemlocks are among their favorites, so be sure to protect those.
  5. Apply an antidesiccant (wilt proofing product) to protect your evergreens from windburn and moisture loss during the winter.
  6. Apply a fall fertilizer. This helps the plants recover from the growing season, gives them nutrients to store and use during the winter, and makes for a more bountiful and beautiful bloom in the spring.

flowers and shrubs in garden      cypress trees by fence in yard  Tree and Shrub Fall Fertilizer Special

Did you know?


In Autumn, leaves and twigs that fall to the ground act as fertilizer for trees. When this debris is raked and blown, we should apply a fertilizer to make up for the nutrients that are taken away.

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