Fall Lawn Care Essentials Include Fertilization, Aeration

The secret to a great looking lawn is understanding and meeting the needs of the plants you want to have growing in your yard. For most Whitman families, that means grass, foundational plantings, and some smaller shrubs and trees. We went to a local lawn service to discover what the most important things you can do to care for your lawn right now.

Lawn Care Secret #1: Fertilization

Hands down, the most important thing you can do to help your grass grow properly is ensure it has the proper nutrition. For grass, nutrition means fertilizer. Unfortunately, fertilizer isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation. Each lawn needs a properly balanced fertilizer, designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements that may be lacking in the soil. As soil varies throughout a region – it isn’t even necessarily the same on different sides of the street! – the best fertilizer for a Whitman lawn will vary by location.

Ideally, a lawn should be fertilized throughout the year. But if you haven’t – and let’s be real, in 2020, everyone’s had a lot going on – it’s a really good idea to have your Whitman lawn service fertilize the lawn at least once before winter arrives. This gives the soil the maximum amount of time to absorb and incorporate the nutrients before the demands of the spring growing season arrive.

Lawn Care Secret #2: Aeration

For your soil to be able to fully benefit from fertilization, it needs to be able to soak in the nutrients quickly and completely. The same is true for rainwater, as well as oxygen – all of which your grass needs to thrive.  If your soil is compacted – which can happen if the kids are running around playing, or if anyone drives over the lawn, or as a result of environmental conditions including hot, dry summers – it’s difficult for this to happen.

Aeration is the remedy for compacted soil. Using special equipment, your Whitman lawn care service introduces tiny holes into the surface of your lawn that allow for the free and efficient movement of fertilizer, rainwater and oxygen. It’s great for your lawn, and results in vibrant, lush grass growth.