Meet Our Team

Tom Norton, President.

Lawn Doctor of South Shore Lawn Care Service Employee TomTom is the president of Lawn Doctor. His father, Jim, founded this particular LD franchise and Tom gladly took over the family business and continued the Norton family lawn care legacy. He went to school at Colgate University where he earned a degree in Environmental Studies. His education and having helped his father run this business for over 30 years makes him an expert in all aspects of Lawn Doctor. There is no one better equipped to do what he does here. Every day, Tom focuses on the overall strategy of improving every element of the company. He’s always working to build and lead a team that can execute our plans and achieve our goals.  His goals are to provide spectacular services to his customers and to cultivate fun, rewarding careers for his employees. The customers and employees are what he likes most about Lawn Doctor. The people he gets to interact and work with make it a pleasure to run this business.

When he’s not busy running an awesome company, Tom spends lots of time with his family. He also always works hard to better himself by running and biking a ton. Tom is always working to improve things. His goal within Lawn Doctor and in life itself is to change the lawn care industry by creating better and more environmentally responsible solutions for plant health.

Fun Fact: Tom lived in Madrid, Spain for 5 years and speaks Spanish fluently.


Andy Canniff, General Manager

Lawn Doctor of South Shore Lawn Care Service Employee AndyAndy is a Lawn Doctor veteran and has been with the company since 2002. Before LD, Andy studied Business Administration at Umass Boston. He was working in recruiting and sales when he found his way to us. He started as a technician aerating and fertilizing lawns. These days, Andy oversees every aspect of the company. He strategizes and works closely with the owner and each department head to achieve our goals and objectives. No matter how big or small a matter is, Andy is always around to help out from finance, to planning, sales/marketing, customer service etc. He loves having daily opportunities to be creative and finding solutions to all kinds of challenges that a small business faces everyday.

When he’s off the clock, Andy loves spending time with his wife and son. He relaxes with music, playing the guitar and piano. And he’s quite the golfer. His goal is to help continue to grow our company into the industry leader and he plans on doing so by continuing his education in our field with conferences, seminars and any resource available.

Fun Fact: Andy is an exceptional juggler.


Ian Tlasek, Operations Manager

Lawn Doctor of South Shore Lawn Care Service Employee IanIan started with Lawn Doctor in April of 2012 and has been a vital part of the company ever since. From helping out on the phones when he first started, to now managing a fleet of 40+ lawn care vehicles and technicians, Ian has done it all. Before LD, he was a restaurant manager where he found his knack for organization, leadership and optimizing efficiency, all of which he has applied seamlessly to his position here. He is Lawn Doctor’s in-house agronomist and is the brains behind the science of what we do. He alone is responsible for educating and training our technicians for the MDAR pesticide license exam, hence his nickname- Professor Pesticide. He’s certified in turf, shade trees and ornamentals and mosquito and biting flies. His knowledge continues to grow as he attends as many education seminars as possible, keeping Lawn Doctor up-to-date on all of the latest information pertaining to our line of work.

Ian loves LD because every day presents a new set of challenges and difficulties. It’s not your average desk job and he’s never bored. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter, especially by going on family camping trips. He loves gardening and taking care of his lawn (of course), smoking meats and barbecuing for summer cookouts at his home in Halifax and canoeing on West Monponsett Pond. His goals are to help LD raise the standard for all other lawn care service companies in the area through exceptional work and to be a good, providing husband and father.

Fun Fact: Ian is insanely good at ping pong and badminton.


Meg Salvador, Office Manager

Lawn Doctor Employee MegTechnically, she’s our Office Manager. But in reality, Meg is the glue that holds Lawn Doctor together. From Accounting to Human Resources, party-planning and everything in between. If it’s got anything to do with LD, Meg knows all about it. Every day is different as she wears many hats. She has been with Lawn Doctor since 2016 and her years of experience at a Forensic Accounting firm has prepared her for the work she does for us here. She loves the people she works with and hopes to help our company continue to grow and continue to be a great place to work. She also loves traveling, hanging out with her family and children at her Hanover home. And she loves spending time with her fur-baby, Blue the Anatolian Shepherd.

Fun Fact: Meg used to run a horseback riding stable.





Amanda Pereira, Marketing & Communications Manager

Lawn Doctor of South Shore Lawn Care Service Employee Amanda

Ever wondered the face behind the emails, letters, and advertisements you see from Lawn Doctor? Joining the LD team in 2018 as a top Customer Service Representative, Amanda used her extensive Marketing background and Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Corporate Communications to work her way into our company’s first exclusive Marketing position. From there, she has spearheaded hundreds of campaigns and approves any and all communications you see from us, from your Welcome Letter upon account activation to your renewal reminders, social media posts, and so much more. Now that she’s got a few years in the Marketing Department under her belt, Amanda hopes to not only grow our client base, but to help educate and mold perceptions about lawn care.

Amanda’s favorite thing about working at Lawn Doctor is making lawn care exciting. Whether it’s through mailers, internal company events, or community affairs, Amanda loves getting people excited to watch grass grow! She looks forward to continuing her efforts in making Lawn Doctor a household name for all Massachusetts homeowners. Beyond that, Amanda is looking to grow the brand to be known not only for landscape beautification, but for its social responsibility and community engagement as well.

When she’s not spending time in her Creative Corner of the office, Amanda continues to be a true fan of nature, spending time kayaking or playing fetch with her dog, Cooper. Once all the play is out of the way, you can probably find her out for tacos.

Fun Fact: Although her time at work is mostly spent at her desk, Amanda has her MA Pesticide Applicator’s License!



Danielle Doherty, Sales Manager

Lawn Doctor of South Shore Lawn Care Service Employee Danielle

Coming into her fifth year with the company in 2022, Danielle is no longer a stranger to lawn care! After having stumbled into the industry in 2015, Danielle joined Lawn Doctor in 2017 and has gained an immense amount of experience since. She has held roles in nearly every department of the company and has worked her way up to Sales Manager. Being able to see things from every department’s point of view (as well as the customer’s), is what makes Danielle a well-rounded LD Manager. In her first full year as Sales Manager, Danielle led her team to hitting a major company milestone- a grand total of 10,000 happy customers! Her next big goals are to help the company take on new service territories in Massachusetts, continue to play a part in improving our customer’s lawns and landscapes, and gain more insight on the science and the “behind-the-scenes” of lawn care, which she finds incredibly fascinating.

Danielle’s favorite thing about working for Lawn Doctor is the people she works with. She says that the respectful and positive environment they provide makes her always want to be the best, most effective manager possible.

In her spare time, Danielle loves to cook, cheer on the Bruins, and read. When she’s not exploring and taking on new adventures with her 8-year-old daughter, Paige, she is hanging out at home with her 2 cats or working on finishing up her college degree!

Fun Fact: Danielle loves to travel. She has been to multiple foreign countries and 21 states (so far)!