Lawn Seeding in the Hanover Area

Want to build the density of your lawn – and achieve thick, lush growth? One of the best ways to do it is through seeding. As lawn seeding experts in the Hanover area, Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod offers everything you need to revitalize and build up your lawn. In fact, our Turf Tamer® power seeding service doesn’t simply scatter grass seed into your lawn. It actually cuts down on soil compaction and thatch, opening up your lawn to new seed in the process. It’s the smarter, more efficient way to achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Male Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a turf tamer machine to perform lawn seeding in HanoverWhy Power Seed Your Lawn?

Power seeding can offer a number of important advantages that make it easier for Hanover area homeowners to grow thicker, greener grass. For instance, Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod’s power seeding service doesn’t rely on a typical lawn spreader. Instead, we use our proprietary, made-in-America Turf Tamer® equipment to cultivate the soil first and then gently plant seeds within it. This approach produces:

  • Better turf density
  • A less friendly environment for weeds and insects
  • No more thinning grass or bare spots
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn

With lawn seeding services available in South Shore, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Hanson and Brockton, we’re helping the Hanover area become greener, one lawn at a time.

Part of what makes lawn seeding from Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod so effective is our Turf Tamer® equipment. It’s specially designed to maximize the results of our lawn seeding services. Not only does it rely on reciprocating action – which doesn’t damage turf – but it uses ground-metered technology to ensure the most even distribution of grass seed. That means no sparse or clumpy patches; just consistent, beautiful growth.

When it comes to great lawn care, timing is everything. And for lawn seeding in the Hanover area, the right time is during autumn. With warmer days and cooler nights, along with increased rainfall, the season provides ideal conditions in which new seeds can germinate and grow. This also enables new grass to develop without having to compete with aggressive weeds, like dandelions.

Why We’re the Hanover Area’s Experts in Lawn Seeding

Because we make lawn care, including seeding, easy for Hanover area homeowners. We can offer you the experienced, friendly technicians, exclusive equipment and proven approach that achieves the results you want. So sit back, relax and watch as your lawn becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of South Shore-Cape Cod today at 781.826.2920 for a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding services are available for homeowners throughout Hanover, Hanson, South Shore, Cape Cod, Plymouth and Brockton.