What is Lawn Aeration & Why Is It Important

If you want to know the secret to having a great looking lawn in Whitman, you need to know about lawn aeration. This simple lawn care service that is 100% chemical free, all natural, and totally family & pet safe can help homeowners who have been struggling to get the grass grow enjoy a vibrant, lush lawn.

What is Lawn Aeration?

If there’s one thing that’s true in this world, it’s that we all need a little room to relax and breathe. That’s true for us as individuals, and it’s also true for plants. Grass plants in particular suffer when their roots don’t have room to stretch out and grow. Compacted soil prevents the grass from growing well and it also stops oxygen and rainwater from reaching the root system effectively. Lawn aeration is the yard care technique professionals use to address compacted soil.

How do I know if I have compacted soil?

If you have seriously compacted soil, you can see it in your grass – or more correctly, you can see it where your grass isn’t. Patchy lawns with bare spots where nothing grows – not even weeds! – often feature seriously compacted soil. Other signs include rain puddles that sit on the surface of the ground without soaking in or soil that’s so hard it’s difficult to shovel.

Your soil doesn’t have to be seriously compacted to negatively impact grass growth. Even moderately compacted soil, which is characterized by all of the symptoms outlined, but to a lesser degree, can keep your lawn from looking its best.

How long does Lawn Aeration take to work?

Here in Whitman, lawn aeration for the typical homeowner can be performed in a single day. While the plants in your lawn begin to benefit immediately from the renewed access to rainwater and oxygen, results can take a few weeks to truly show, as the struggling plants begin to grow properly again.

It’s never a bad time to aerate your lawn, but the fall is an ideal time if you want your soil to be able to fully benefit from the nourishing moisture that will come in the winter snows. Call now to schedule your Whitman lawn aeration.

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