Planning a Total Lawn Transformation for 2021? Here’s Your Secret Weapon.

“I’ll tell you what – spending so much time at home really makes you aware of the state of your landscaping,” Brynne laughed.  “In between the kids running around and the fact we just didn’t have a lot of rain, our yard got to where it’s looking pretty rough. But I am determined that next year is going to be different.”

If you’re planning a total lawn transformation for 2021, here’s what you need to know:

It’s all about the nutrition.   If you were undertaking a fitness regimen you’d expect to change your diet. When you want your lawn to be full of lush, vibrant, green grass, you need your soil to be supplemented with the proper minerals and nutrients that make grass grow.

How do you get that nutrition for your lawn? Fertilizer. As part of our lawn care services in Plymouth, one of the services we provide is custom fertilization services for area homeowners. Why does fertilization need to be customized? For much the same reason nutrition plans for people vary. No two people need the exact same diet, because everyone has unique needs and different activity levels. Our fertilization plans are created based on the unique characteristics of your soil, the type of grass you have, and any other challenges unique to your yard’s microclimate.

Fertilization should happen throughout the year.

There are two other things to focus on to achieve your total lawn transformation. You want the grass to grow and weeds – especially annoying crab grass! – to not grow. Great grass doesn’t just happen. Bring in a lawn care service in Plymouth to seed the lawn with the appropriate varieties for your yard. While they’re there, they can implement weed control protocols that mean you never have to worry about anything but mowing to have a spectacular lawn. To get things scheduled so your 2021 lawn is fantastic, call now.