Keeping 2021 Lyme Disease Free Requires a Tick-Free Backyard

“Nobody wants to catch Lyme Disease,” David said. “It’s painful, long-lasting, and can impact your life in many horrible ways.” David contracted Lyme Disease from a tick in his own back yard. “That’s what makes this whole situation even more frustrating,” he said. “If I’d been out hiking around somewhere exotic, maybe I’d be less bitter. But to have my entire life turned upside down and not even leave the yard is just ridiculous.”

Ticks Spread Many Diseases

The United States is a hot spot for tick-borne diseases. While Lyme Disease is the most well known, there are more than a dozen different diseases you can contract from a tick bite. Anaplasmosis, Powassan Virus Disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are only a few examples. If people tell you you are too worried about ticks, it’s because they don’t know how many truly serious illnesses are spread by these blood sucking arachnids.

Complicating the situation is the fact that there are many different kinds of tick native to the US. As a Falmouth local lawn service we most often encounter the deer tick, but black legged ticks and dog ticks are also problematic. To eliminate ticks from the landscape, our team of highly trained professionals tailor tick treatments specifically to your yard. We identify vulnerable areas of your property and treat them to eliminate existing tick populations.

Controlling tick populations is an ongoing process, as these arachnids are highly mobile and breed quickly. As part of the suite of pest control services we offer Falmouth property owners we treat properties throughout the spring, summer and fall to eliminate ticks, mosquitoes and other pests from the landscape. The products we use are pet and family safe, and our services are budget-friendly. Have specific questions? Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer them!