Into the Edible Garden Trend? Here’s How to Make It Easy

2020 was many Bourne-area homeowner’s first foray into gardening. Spending time planting, caring for, and harvesting homegrown vegetables, fruits, and herbs is deeply satisfying and can help alleviate stress levels. But there’s no doubt it’s a lot of work – especially when the edible garden is only one part of your total household landscape.

“I have to admit that it was kind of embarrassing to have fantastic zucchini plants growing so beautifully and a lawn full of bare spots and crab grass,” Stephen said. “I’d say I don’t have a green thumb but obviously I do – just not for grass!”

Stephen’s wife laughed. “If you gave the grass half of the love and attention you give your garden, we’d have the best grass in the world.”

While that may be true, the fact is that there’s only so  many hours in the day and if you’re focused on your edible garden, the lawn might not be getting the care it needs to look great. A quick, simple, and affordable way to deal with this is to have your Bourne lawn care company come in to take care of the essential tasks of fertilizing, seeding, and aerating the lawn. The best lawn care companies also provide weed control treatments, which means you never have to worry about crab grass spoiling your lawn. “They do everything but the mowing, which really saves me time,” Stephen explained.

“Let me give you a pro tip,” Stephen said. “If you’re serious about an edible garden, talk to the Bourne lawn care team about trees and shrubs. Fruit trees do take a little bit of care, but there is nothing more satisfying than picking apples in your own back yard!” Fruiting shrubs and perennial herbs are interesting additions to foundation plantings, and can add beauty to the landscape all year long.