Worried that heavy winter snows have damaged your trees and shrubs?

“We’re very proud of our yard,” Brett said. The Brockton homeowner enjoys entertaining, and with his partner Jan is looking forward to hosting ‘a huge garden party once this madness is over’. “It’s actually not so expensive to create an impressive landscape if you know what you’re doing and you have the right help.” He gestured toward his snow covered lawn. “But do you know what is expensive? Trees. And with this weather I am sure some damage has been done.”

Winter Weather Can Be Tough on Trees and Shrubs

Heavy winter snows, ice buildup and savage winds all take their toll on trees and shrubs. This damage can take several forms. As a Brockton lawn care service, we’ve seen broken branches, split trunks, and other devastating damage occur after what appeared to be a relatively minor winter storm. This is due to the weight snow places on the branches.

A Damaged Tree Doesn’t Have to Die

While there’s not much that can be done to help trees during the worst winter weather, once spring arrives, you’ll want your Brockton lawn care service on the scene right away. A damaged tree doesn’t necessarily have to die. A thorough inspection by trained lawn care professionals can quickly identify remediable problems. Taking action promptly can help some trees and shrubs shrug off winter storm damage.

What Happens If a Tree or Shrub is Too Damaged to Survive?

While it is always sad to lose a favorite tree or foundation planting, the fact is that sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to save it. Your Brockton lawn care service will work with you to have new trees and shrubs put in – either of the same sort you had, or if it’s time for a change, something beautiful and new.