What’s the Magic of Lush Green Lawns? FERTILIZER. Here’s What You Need to Know.

When you drive through a neighborhood you may notice one house has a lovely lush green lawn while a house literally next door has grass that’s struggling to survive. What’s going on? What makes the grass grow healthy in one location and poorly in another?

There are several reasons that can account for the difference in the state of neighboring lawns, including the type of grass being grown and how much light the lawn receives. However, a great deal of the time, the difference is often due to the nutrition the lawn receives. That means fertilizer.

Why is fertilizer so important?

Grass is actually a very demanding plant. It needs a lot of sunlight, fresh water, and minerals and nutrients to survive. Those minerals and nutrients don’t naturally occur in everyone’s lawn at the desirable levels. That’s why fertilizer is necessary. At the beginning of the growing season, periodically over the course of the spring and summer, and then again before winter arrives, lawn fertilization services in Brockton make sure lawns receive the nutrition they need.

It’s important to understand that not all lawns need the same kind of fertilizer. This is because the purpose of fertilizer is to replace the nutrients your soil lacks. Not all lawns lack the same nutrients, even if they’re side by side. This is due to a wide variety of factors, including what type of grass you have, how long it’s been since the lawn was last fertilized, and the natural distribution of minerals and nutrition in your landscape.

That’s why the best lawn fertilization services customize fertilizer mixes on a lawn-by-lawn basis. Soil analysis and professional observation of your lawn’s current condition are used to determine what nutrients and minerals are most lacking. This will be addressed with an individualized fertilizer application tailored to address those specific needs.

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