Enjoy a Lush Green Lawn All Summer: Seed & Fertilize Now!

Springtime in Brockton is beautiful. Flowers are blooming and people are already starting to mow and care for their lawns. If your own landscape is leaving you a little less than thrilled, know that you can give your yard’s appearance a powerful boost by having the lawn care service near Brockton power seed and fertilize the lawn now.

What is Power Seeding?

Obviously, if you want grass to grow in your yard, you need to plant grass. But not all grass seed is created equal. Your Brockton lawn service provides power seeding, which puts carefully chosen pelletized seed directly into the soil amongst your existing grass without damaging it. This is the fastest, most efficient way to achieve lush, healthy grass quickly.

Spring Fertilizing: Key to Healthy Lawn Growth

Think of fertilizer as nutrition for your lawn. After a long, tough winter, your lawn’s resources have been depleted. The grass needs sunshine, water, and a good dose of nutrients and minerals. Fertilizer provides the nutrients and minerals grass needs to grow. Ideally, fertilizers are chosen to meet your lawn’s specific nutritional requirements. The spring fertilization is the most important. For best results, you’ll want to have your lawn care service fertilize again mid-summer and once again before the winter snows arrive.

Have you ever wondered about Lawn Aeration?

If you have heavy clay or compacted soil, you may not have the healthy green lawn you’d like to have. That’s because the close, dense nature of the soil prevents rain water, oxygen, and fertilizer from reaching the roots of your grass. This stifles growth. Lawn aeration is the process of having small openings made in your lawn to open up the surface and let the grass grow healthy. It’s a service lawn care services generally perform in the spring.