Are You Worried About Your Children & Pets Getting Bitten By Ticks?

“I always knew that being a parent was stressful,” Janet said, “But it wasn’t until I was a mother of two active twin toddlers that I started getting stressed out about deer ticks.” One of the twins was bitten last year. “It was horrible,” Janet explained. “He cried the whole time the tick was being removed and then there was a very nerve wracking time where we were praying that Lyme Disease wasn’t going to be an issue.”

Janet’s son turned out to be fine but the Brockton homeowner is determined not to repeat that experience again. “Being outside is a very big part of our life. That’s why we chose a house with such a big back yard. What I need now is a way to be sure our property is tick-free.

Ticks are a big concern for many local homeowners. Deer ticks are known carries of Lyme Disease, a debilitating condition that can have life-long impacts. The disease is spread when a tick bites a person. Ticks are generally found in taller grass and plants. If your kids or pets are playing in these areas, they could be bitten.

Here’s how our team tackles ticks:

The first step is to inspect your property. We’re looking for the areas ticks like to congregate and identifying the areas most critically in need to treatment.  The products we use to eliminate ticks from your property are people and pet safe. This means your kids, dogs, cats, other pets and area wildlife won’t be negatively impacted by tick control.

After the first treatment, your yard will be tick free and you’ll be able to enjoy it with confidence. However, in Brockton tick control is not a one and done situation. Ticks travel and populations re-establish themselves. That’s why we repeat the tick control process at carefully scheduled intervals throughout the season to keep your family and pets safe.