Lawn Aeration is the Answer to Heavy, Compacted Soil

Determined to have a fantastic lawn in 2021 no matter what? Then you’ll want to know about lawn aeration, the landscaping technique that can help transform a sad looking lawn with patchy grass and lots of weeds into a lush green carpet of grass.

Let’s take a minute and talk about how grass grows. Above the ground, you have the green grass you see. Beneath the ground is the grass’s root system. The roots are super important to the health and appearance of your lawn. This is because the roots absorb nutrients from the soil and rain water to nourish the lawn. To do their job properly, the roots need a certain amount of space to spread out.

If you’re struggling with getting a healthy yard established, or your grass only seems to grow in small patches where other areas are either completely bare or very weed-filled, it may be that your issue is your soil is compacted. This means the soil is squished together to such a degree that grass roots can’t grow properly. Soil can be naturally compact – particularly if there’s a lot of clay in your region – but it can also become compacted by vehicles or heavy equipment passing over it, lots of foot traffic – including children and pets playing, and similar weight-bearing activities.

To address the compacted soil, your lawn service in Brockton will recommend lawn aeration. Lawn aeration involves the use of specialized equipment that quickly and efficiently loosens the soil. Multiple small holes are introduced to allow oxygen, rain water, and other nutrients to penetrate deeply, instead of bouncing off the hard surface. This creates more favorable conditions for grass seed to grow effectively, establishing healthy plants quickly and crowding out weed growth.