With Winter Coming In Fast, The Time to Fertilize the Lawn Is Running Out

Typically, the first snowfall in the Newton area arrives in the third week of November. That means time is running out to get those last-minute, late-season lawn care chores done. We asked a Newton lawn care service what the most essential tasks to do right now are, and here’s what they had to say:

Fall is a Great Time to Aerate the Lawn

Aeration is the process of making it easier for nutrients, water, and oxygen to circulate efficiently through the soil. All lawns benefit from aeration, but the ones that get the most out of it are those with heavily compacted soils. You can tell if your soil is heavily impacted by the condition of your grass: if the lawn is patchy with bald spots where nothing grows, it’s a good idea to call in your Newton lawn care service for help.

Fertilization is So Important!

If you want to have green, healthy grass in the spring, the best time to fertilize your lawn is right now. Giving your yard a big dose of the proper nutrition, individually balanced to address any deficiencies your soil might have, before the snow arrives can be accomplished with a quick call to your Newton lawn care service.

Protect Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and foundation plantings represent a major financial investment by the homeowner. Protect these valuable plants with proper fall maintenance. That doesn’t mean pruning! It means identifying and addressing any pest or disease issue, as well as getting protective wrappings and supports in place to help stave off the worst impacts of winter weather.

Remember! Lawn Care Makes a Great Gift for Parents, Seniors

Winter means the gift-giving holidays are almost here. If you want to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and give a gift that can be used no matter what health-related restrictions the future may bring, consider giving the gift of lawn care. Fertilization, pest-control, and other services make it easy for your loved ones to enjoy their yard all year long.