What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Trees & Shrubs?

“We had our home built, and the lot was absolutely empty,” Jeannie said. “No trees what so ever. And I’m a country girl. I wanted some trees. So over the years, here and there, we had a few planted. A beautiful red maple, and a magnolia tree that I just adore. And my wife has all of these shrubs along the front of the house. But we noticed this year that the trees and shrubbery is starting to look a little worse for wear. What can we do to help them look their best?”

This is a great question. As a Chestnut Hill lawn care company, one of the services we provide is tree and shrub care. Trees and shrubs are among the most expensive plantings most homeowners invest in, so it makes sense to take good care of them.

We do this through a variety of methods. First and foremost, of course, is the annual inspection and health check. Trees and shrubs are vulnerable to disease, insect damage, fungus, and more, as well as weather damage. Our team of trained professionals will inspect your trees to make sure they’re in tip top condition.

If there are any issues, the appropriate remedies are provided. Here in the Chestnut Hill area, common tree diseases include beech leaf disease, powdery mildew, fire blight and more. Some diseases are limited to a specific type of tree, while others cross species and damage many different types of trees. The remedy for each disease varies, but many can be controlled for. We will explain your treatment options before moving forward so you can make the right choice for your landscape.

After disease, the other concern to local trees and shrubs is insect damage. The Asian long-horned beetle, the winter moth, and the brown marmorated stink bug – which really does stink! – are all prevalent in our region. Our team identifies and remedies insect infestations to protect your trees.

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