What’s the Secret of a Weed Free Lawn?

“I’m not a competitive person. I’m really not,” Brian said. “But in this part of Wellesley people pay attention to how the lawns look. When my neighbor’s is this flawless carpet of green and mine looks like an explosion at the crabgrass factory – well, I don’t like it. So what’s the secret of a weed free lawn?”

As much as you might suspect your neighbor with the flawless lawn of spending every free moment checking the grass for weeds, the opposite is actually true. The secret of a weed free lawn is to have your Wellesley lawn care service eliminate the weeds before they even show up.

Now we know that sounds ridiculous. How can you eliminate weeds that aren’t even there yet? The secret is what’s known as pre-emergent weed control – a sophisticated lawn care system that targets crabgrass and other broad-leafed weeds while they’re still in the ground. Eliminating the weeds at this point is vital, because once they emerge and develop seed heads, it’s very hard for the homeowner to get rid of them.

It’s never too late to get rid of your crabgrass. Lawn Doctor’s pre-emergent weed control system works even on yards that have had crabgrass for years and years. Our team of expert technicians will advise you on the number of treatments it will take to fully eliminate crabgrass and other broad-leafed weeds from your yard. Once they are gone, regular treatments prevent them from coming back.

Once the weeds are gone you want healthy vibrant grass growing in its place. That’s why Lawn Doctor provides lawn seeding and fertilization services to accompany pre-emergent weed control. The seeding is done with the type of grass most suited to your yard’s micro-climate and your aesthetic preferences. Fertilization is customized to support the existing and newly seeded grass by addressing any nutritional deficiencies your soil may have. It’s a winning combination that results in a great lawn.