Green Grass, Guaranteed?

“I’m not saying I’m skeptical, but this lawn we’ve got has looked awful since we moved in,” Belinda said. “There’s bare patches and the ground is as hard as concrete. This Natick lawn care company says with the right treatment, we could have a nice green lawn. But what happens if I pay up and the grass doesn’t grow?”

One of the things that makes Lawn Doctor unlike other lawn care companies is we are happy to guarantee our work. We provide all of the support a lawn needs – except for the mowing – and bring expert level skills and lots of experience to the job. That’s why we are able to guarantee what we do.

Here’s how it works:

We work with homeowners on an individual basis to determine what’s necessary to improve their lawn’s health and appearance. Most of the time, that’s some combination of fertilizing, seeding, weed control and aeration. We also offer pest control services for ticks, mosquitoes and other lawn pests so it’s easier to enjoy being in your yard.

When we do this we go over exactly what kind of results you can expect to see as a result of the treatment. This is a very realistic conversation: your lawn is a natural system, and some things take time to work. You’ll know the timeline and expected outcome.

After the projected timeline, if the resulted outcome didn’t happen, we will make things right. The avenue to remedy problems obviously varies with situations, but we work with homeowners until they achieve the lawn they’ve been dreaming of. As a Natick lawn care company, our reputation rests on the appearance and health of your lawn. We don’t look good until you look good. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure your lawn looks fantastic.