Working from Home is Easier When the Lawn Doesn’t Look Terrible

“Like everybody, I’ve been working from home,” Dawn said. “But while everyone else has these perfect lawns, I look out the window at my disaster of a backyard. There’s a lot of places where there’s just no grass – I don’t know why – and where the grass does grow it’s full of tall, ugly weeds. I am not asking for some HGTV garden out there – but I would like to look out the window and see nice green grass. How do I make that happen?”

The secret to a vibrant, refreshing lawn is working with an expert lawn care service in Milton. Great grass doesn’t just happen. The lush lawn you’re dreaming of is possible – but you need to have the right grass seed, well-fertilized soil, and an effective strategy to keep crabgrass and other broad-leafed weeds from taking over. The good news is you don’t have to do all of this yourself. Simply let the professionals know what you’d like to have happen, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Power Seeding Delivers Deeply Satisfying Results

“When I got frustrated with the lawn last year, I ordered some grass seed online and tossed it around out there,” Dawn confessed. “But nothing grew.”

That’s not surprising. Broadcast seeding grass seed (which is the technical name for throwing grass seed around your lawn pretty much at random) has a typical germination rate of only 10 percent. That means out of every ten seeds you sow, nine don’t grow. That’s frustrating and expensive. Milton lawn care services provides power seeding – a special, intensive process that sows seeds directly into the soil without damaging any existing grass you happen to have. The germination rate for power seeding is over 90%. This means almost every seed planted, grows.

The time to schedule your lawn’s power seeding is now. While you’re booking your session, talk to your Milton lawn care team about fertilization and pest control services. When this is all handled you’ll have a lawn you enjoy looking at when you’re working from home – and enjoy being in when it’s time to relax and have fun!