Top Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring has sprung, as the saying goes, and that means it is time to focus on your lawn. If you want to have backyard barbecues, picnics, or if you just want to play with your kids on the lawn, it needs to be lush and healthy.  So what can you do this spring to ensure a great lawn? Here are some spring lawn care tips from Lawn Doctor to help you get your lawn looking great:

Treat any issues from the winter weather

With this brutal winter in many places throughout the country, some yards experienced more snowfall, and for a longer period of time, than they had in many years. That can mean that their lawns are experiencing snow mold. This is a fungal disease that attacks lawns with heavy snow cover, and there are two main varieties of it — pink and gray snow mold. If your lawn has it, you will need to treat it before spring. In addition, you should remove any built-up thatch on your lawn. Also, check your lawn’s thatch level, and see if you may need to aerate the soil. And finally, check to see if any pests, like voles, have been invading your yard during the winter.

Overseed your lawn

If you have any bare patches on your lawn, you may need to do what is known as “overseeding” your lawn. This will help grow new patches where the lawn died during the winter. Check with your Lawn Doctor lawn care professional for spring time tips on how much seeding your lawn may need, and when the seeding should be done.

Prepare against weeds

You may want to have your Lawn Doctor professional apply what is known as a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn in order to stop weeds in their tracks. This can keep crabgrass and other grassy weeds from taking over your lawn. Your Lawn Doctor lawn care expert will know which weeds are a problem in your area, and how to treat them.

Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn

You may have fertilized your lawn in the fall, but it is also important to do so during the spring in order to help your lawn grow lush and thick. Spring fertilization helps your lawn replenish preserves that were depleted over the long, arduous winter. Your Lawn Doctor professional can offer you lawn tips as well as help you with the right amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn.

Check your lawn’s pH level

Having the correct pH level for your yard can help save you many problems in the long run. You can test it the soil’s pH level yourself, or have a Lawn Doctor lawn care expert do so for you. If the level is not up to snuff, Lawn Doctor can apply compounds to help you adjust to the right level.

Mow, mow, mow your lawn

Now is the time to get your lawn mower out of storage and get it ready to be used this year. Hopefully, you are doing the right lawn mower maintenance. If not, get started now, so that your mower will be able to be used for years. Lawn Doctor can get you started on this maintenance as well. Good luck.

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