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Organic Lawn Fertilizer Applications from Lawn Doctor

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Lawn Doctor

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A healthy, green lawn starts with the right nutrients. But for a truly green and organic lawn, you need the expertise that comes with years of natural lawn care experience. You’ll find all that and more at your local Lawn Doctor. Our natural lawn fertilization program uses organic lawn fertilizer to give your lawn vibrant color, lush thickness, and a healthy root structure. With our Natural Lawn Care annual fertilization plan, you’ll keep your lawn – and the planet – healthy year-round.

Planning Your Lawn’s Organic Fertilization Services

At Lawn Doctor, we know better than anyone that different lawns have different fertilization needs. Depending on factors like grass species, soil quality, and local climate conditions, your lawn may need more frequent treatment or higher levels of certain nutrients. These variables are part of why many homeowners struggle to achieve professional-quality results through DIY fertilization. But with Lawn Doctor on your side, fertilization is easy. Our experts will provide a detailed service plan designed to meet your lawn’s unique fertilization needs. This ensures that your lawn receives treatment from our high-quality organic lawn fertilizers at the right times and in the right amounts.

Our Organic Lawn Fertilizer & Fertilization Equipment

At Lawn Doctor, we’re committed to delivering the very best in natural lawn care services. When you turn to us for your lawn’s fertilization and care, we use only high-quality materials and equipment. This includes our organic lawn fertilizer options and our Turf Tamer® fertilization equipment. Some of the benefits these offer include:
  • Nature-Sourced Nutrients. Our organic lawn fertilizer is packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, derived entirely from organic sources like plants and animal waste.
  • Chemical-Free Treatment. Our organic lawn fertilizers are free of synthesized chemicals and other lab-sourced materials.
  • Even Fertilizer Coverage. Our exclusive line of Turf Tamer equipment distributes organic lawn fertilizer evenly, ensuring no sparse or overgrown patches.

Annual Fertilization with Natural Lawn Care

For eco-friendly fertilization year-round, ask about our Natural Lawn Care program. With Natural Lawn Care, we provide homeowners with year-round lawn care and maintenance using natural materials, including organic lawn fertilizer. This way, you’ll see a greener, healthier lawn week after week, month after month.

Go Green with Lawn Doctor – Call Today

To learn more about Natural Lawn Care using organic lawn fertilizers, call today.

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