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The Most Known Spring Lawn Diseases from Lawn Doctor

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Lawn Doctor

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Early spring is the best time to start maintaining your lawn’s health from the cold winter. Spring fertilization is very important to help your lawn resist spring disease.  Several fungus diseases could attack your lawn during the spring.  Having a lawn that is properly fertilized, properly mowed and watered will help keep your lawn healthy.  Although some fungicides can help control certain lawn diseases, it is not guarantee that these diseases will disappear.

Spring Lawn Diseases

1. Leaf Spot is a fungal disease that attacks various plants and trees. This disease appears in spring when the climate is moist, rainy, and has humidity in the air. The physical appearance is shown with various brown spots and can range in size. Leaf spots can weaken plants, which attracts greater damage from pests and insects.

2. Spring Dead Spot is a very damaging disease of bermudagrass. The physical appearance of this disease is usually circular patches of bleached and sunken dead grass. The circular patches can range in sizes. Re-growth of affected areas is very slow and often need immediate assistance.

3. Red Thread is a fungal disease that appears when the temperature is high in humidity and is ranging from 68 to 75 degrees. Red Thread will form discoloration in the lawn showing reddish and pink tips on the grass blades. Since Red Thread disease is highly active when the pH level is below 6.5, it is important to keep the soil’s pH level balanced accordingly.

4. Dollar Spot is a fungal disease found in most bluegrass and bermudagrass. They are more active during mid-to-late spring, but during high humidity Dollar Spots can appear from moisture stress and thatch issues. As they grow, brown and yellow spots will be present causing irregular circles in the lawn. It is important to keep your lawn with enough moisture to help minimize the growth.

Spring is the season to show off your beautiful, healthy lawn to family and friends. If any of these spring diseases appear on your lawn, please contact your local Lawn Doctor to help maintain the quality of your lawn that it deserves!

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