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Mosquito Population Rising in Extraordinary Numbers

Posted on June 2, 2016 by Lawn Doctor

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A combination of a warm winter for most of the United States and the uncharacteristically moist weather many states are experiencing so far in 2016 provides the perfect breeding grounds for the mosquito population to rise at an unforeseen rate and increase the possibility of transmitting horrible diseases such as West Nile and the dreaded Zika virus.

Temperature and precipitation are the two biggest components that decide the fate of the mosquito population in a given year. With the lack of harsh winter conditions in many areas of the nation, mosquitoes and other insect pests have been able to survive at a high rate. As the temperature increases with the coming of the summer months ahead, cold-blooded creatures like mosquitoes generally become increasingly active.

The above-average amount of precipitation many areas have experienced this year has also created ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. These insects can lay their eggs in virtually any quantity of standing water, and the abundant moisture and warm weather are likely to create the conditions their larvae need to healthily grow and develop. Needless to say, it might be a very itchy summer for many of us.

mosquito So, how can you protect your family from these unrelenting pests? Luckily, Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour® Mosquito Control is custom designed to drive away mosquitoes. Our local experts will show you how to target and reduce potential mosquito breeding sites and will treat your yard, creating a protective barrier against the blood-thirsty invaders; all of which will keep them from coming back—it’s just what the doctor ordered.*


It is important for homeowners to know that mosquitoes can breed in nearly any amount of water. An effective technique to cut down the mosquito population in your yard is to eliminate any standing water. By denying the insects the habitat needed for laying eggs, your yard will not become the next home for mosquitoes. Also, if you have a small pond in your backyard, stocking it with minnows will keep mosquito larvae from hatching in the water. Small-scale freshwater fish tend to eat eggs that insects might lay in your pond, keeping your home itch-free. With just a handful of fathead minnows in the pond, all those mosquito eggs will be nothing more than dinner for your fish. Not sure where to get fathead minnows?  Look no further than your neighborhood bait shop.

As the mosquito problem in this country continues to rise along with mosquito related viruses, it is more important than ever to protect your loved ones from these unwanted visitors.


*No control program can eliminate mosquitoes and ticks completely. The Yard Armour® services of local Lawn Doctor franchise businesses will reduce mosquito and tick populations in treated areas. No franchisee or any affiliate makes any expressed or implied guarantee regarding vector-borne health risks to humans or animals. Exposure to disease can occur in uncontrolled areas.

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