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Lawn Fertilization the Key to a Healthy Lawn Diet by Lawn Doctor

Posted on December 5, 2013 by Lawn Doctor

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You just finished a heavy meal, and wondered to yourself if that meal contained the right nutrients for a healthy diet. Well similar to your diet, your lawn also requires nutrients to keep its appearance from dulling away. For proper growth and lawn health, it is important to think about lawn fertilization and keeping up a healthy lawn diet.

Why is lawn fertilization important?

A lawn needs 16 essential nutrients. The two main nutrients are nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen provides color and stimulates growth. Potassium helps strengthen your lawn against extreme heat and cold conditions. When lawn fertilization is applied, the nutrients create a natural defense against insects and diseases. The nutrients also help your lawn from any wear and tear activity. Overall, lawn fertilization will promote a healthy lawn similar to healthy dieting for the human body.

When is the best time for lawn fertilization?

Regardless of your regional location, your lawn needs a good application of turf fertilizer throughout the growing season. Whether you choose a lawn care professional or decide to do-it-yourself, a beautiful lawn starts with a good meal and a healthy lawn diet.  After lawn fertilization, your lawn needs a drink of water. Remember to apply a third of an inch of water to activate the fertilizer.

Why contact a professional?

There are many steps to applying fertilizers to your lawn. If you decide to fertilize your own lawn, some factors to consider are: grass types, soil testing, and lawn measurement.

To fertilize your own lawn, be sure to pick a fertilizer product that covers your lawn area. Whether the application is done by a professional or yourself, follow the instructions provided on the product label. Some product labels can be a combination of fertilizer and pesticide ingredients, so it is important to read the product label before taking action on your lawn. By following the product label, you will eliminate any environmental issues.

Remember, the key to a healthy lawn diet is lawn fertilization! You want to come home after a long day at work and enjoy your beautiful, fresh green lawn. Contact Lawn Doctor today!

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