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Keeping Your Family Safe with Perimeter Pest Control

Posted on September 28, 2015 by Lawn Doctor

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You may not see the spiders, centipedes or other insects right by your door, but they’re lurking. As temperatures begin to drop, your home may see a decrease in outdoor pest volume but the question remains – where are they going?

The perimeter of your home, if not properly protected, serves as an open invitation to these pests. When combined with other pest control initiatives, perimeter pest control performed by certified professionals creates a protective barrier around your home’s foundation and edges. This barrier helps to control perimeter pests such as ants, spiders, centipedes, silverfish, clover mites, and house crickets.

Protecting your family from pests all year-round is important to home comfort and well-being. Besides the annoyance of swatting spiders or setting out traps, co-existing with these insects can prove harmful to you and your family’s health. The more insects in your home, the more susceptible you are to contracting salmonella, cholera, and other diseases.

Home perimeter pest protection isn’t a one-time activity, and regular treatment can help ensure you don’t encounter these creatures. Besides having a home and lawn care professional inspect and treat the outside of your home, simple steps such as shifting firewood piles away from your house, sealing window and door cracks, and cleaning up areas around garbage can make a big difference.

With the cooler temperatures pushing insects and other pests to find a warm retreat, you don’t want your home to be their next option. Now is a great time to seal and eliminate all possible entries for these pests. Contact your local Lawn Doctor professional for more information on the types of pests seeking shelter in your home and the ways you can protect your family.

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