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How to Aerate Your Lawn

Posted on April 29, 2022 by Lawn Doctor

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Lawns are an investment, so you want to make sure you are taking care of them properly. One crucial part of the lawn care process is aeration. Aeration is the process of perforating the lawn to release CO2 and allow oxygen to the plant roots. Aeration also removes thatch and increases drainage.

Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is a vital part of the lawn care process. Here are some reasons why you should consider aerating your lawn.

Release Compacted Soil

As time goes on, the soil becomes compacted. This is especially true in areas that are often walked. As this happens, air and water cannot easily penetrate the soil. If this happens, grass will die off, and weeds will begin to grow. This can be fixed with aeration. Once this soil is exposed, it will release and allow oxygen and water to enter. This will help revitalize your lawn and help it flourish once again.

Decrease Water Use

The deeper the grassroots are, the more water they will be able to absorb. If your lawn is in dire need of aeration, it probably isn’t absorbing a lot of water. This could be due to compaction. Aeration will increase the absorption by allowing water and air to go deeper into the soil.

Increase Air Use

Compacted soil also makes it difficult for air and oxygen to be absorbed. When the soil is aerated, this encourages air exchange. This will allow the roots to breathe easier and let your lawn thrive.

Protect Your Lawn

Aeration also protects your lawn from drought stress as the plant roots will grow deeper in search of water and nutrients. If soil is not aerated properly, it can prevent a deep healthy root system.. Aeration also helps recovery from insects that damage your turf.

When Is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

The best time to aerate your lawn depends on the condition of your lawn and growing region. It can be done throughout the year, except for when it is winter and during the warm summer months. It may take some trial and error to find out when your lawn needs aeration. In general, it is best to aerate in early spring or fall.


Spring aeration is best for a healthy lawn. If your lawn is suffering from drought or even overwatering, it is not the time to aerate. It is also best to aerate in the early spring to get it ready for summer. Many lawns need aeration in the spring to bring them back to their beautiful green state.


Fall aeration is recommended for healthy lawns. Fall aeration will help with de-thatching and nutrient uptake. This is especially true for lawns that have not been managed properly in the fall. The fall is also the best time to aerate homeowners’ lawns. It will help with any damage that occurred in the previous season and get them ready for a new one.

How to Know If Your Lawn Needs Aeration

If your lawns need aeration, there are a few signs that it is due.

Uneven Growth

If your lawn is not growing evenly, chances are it needs aeration. If you have parts of the grass that are brown or yellow, this indicates that they are not getting enough water or nutrients. Usually, grass will be yellow in the spring and brown by late summer or fall.

Brown Patches

Brown patches are another good sign that your lawn needs aeration. These patches are caused by a lack of oxygen from the ground. When this happens, the grass starts dying and dying hard. This is a sign that the grass needs aeration.

Dead Grass

If your lawn looks like it died, it probably did in the past 6 months. Dead patches are another sign that your lawn could use some aeration. You should not try to save your lawn but use a professional team to get your lawn back up and healthy.


Weeds are another easy sign that your lawn needs aeration. It is always best to aerate before any weeds enter the lawn. Weeds will come in and take over your lawn easier than you think. Also, aerating will help prevent them from growing.


Mushy soil is another sign that your lawn could use some aeration. Mushy soil is caused by watering too much and drainage issues. When this happens, the lawn becomes saturated and soft. This can easily lead to fungus and disease in your lawn. Aeration will help get rid of this problem.

How to Aerate Your Lawn Manually

Aerating your lawn manually is not difficult. It does take some time and muscle, but it is a great way to aerate your lawn without a machine. This method works for light patches of dirt as well as heavy areas. Here is how to aerate your lawn manually.

Remove Dead Grass

To aerate your lawn properly, you must first remove the dead grass. This is usually done by raking up and mowing the dead patches with a lawnmower. This will ensure that the area is clean and ready for seed or new sod to be installed.

Put Down Topsoil

Next, spread down some topsoil and then compact it to form a layer. This will form a solid foundation for the turf to sit on.

Scratch Up the Turf

Take a metal tool and scratch up the turf. This will help the grass come up easier. This is best done with a digging fork or a digging shovel.

Loosen the Turf

After loosening the soil, grip down on the handle and take a scoop of dirt out of your lawn. It should be about two inches deep. Your lawn should have a nice amount of seed and roots in it, so make sure you don’t scoop all of that out.

Why You Should Consider a Professional Like Lawn Doctor

If you want a professional and quick job done, it is best to seek help. A Lawn Doctor will know how to aerate your lawn in only a few hours and do it properly. Professionals have the experience to do the job right. They know how deep to go and where. This will help because of the least amount of damage to your lawn. A professional will also be able to get your lawn aerated in the shortest amount of time. It may be harder than you think, especially if you are a beginner and not used to this kind of work. A professional can get it done in a short period and reduce stress on your lawn.

Aeration is a way to loosen compact soil by punching holes in it. The result is that air and water can more easily enter the soil, which promotes healthier soils and grass. It also creates spaces for good microbes to grow. The best way to aerate your lawn is with a professional. There are many aeration services in the industry that can help us get proper aeration and make your lawn look great.

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