How to Create a Spring Wildlife Garden

Thinking of improving your landscape? Improving your yard and landscape can lead to a beautiful spring wildlife garden. It is important to maintain proper care of your trees and shrubs. Various issues can inflict the quality of your trees and shrubs such as drought, excessive wet areas, frost damage, and shaded areas.

In order to start planning a spring wildlife garden, it is essential to make sure the issues listed above are properly checked and maintained by either a local lawn care professional or by self-maintenance.

Here are some tips to enhance your spring wildlife garden:

1.      Attract Small Animals to Your Garden

Plant various fruits, sweet berries, and nectar to attract birds and butterflies to your garden. Birds can linger at your garden for many days until it is time for migration, bringing wildlife to your garden for a few days. Butterflies enjoy the taste of nectar in certain flowers. Although butterflies come and go, they bring a positive

2.      Create a Water Feature Inside Your Garden

Try placing a water fountain or pond around your garden. Water helps attract birds to stay around your garden area.

3.      Grow a Variety of Tree & Shrubs

With a variety of plants, comes a variety of wildlife animals. To keep these small animals around, provide some supplemental food such as seeds and fruits.

4.      Provide Nests and Perches

Create a small nesting area to attract birds. You can gather materials such as woven nets, yarns, and strings. An alternative option is to buy perches. Birds roost on perches and can stay on them all night.

There are many options to enhance your spring wildlife garden, but remember to always maintain your tree & shrubs properly before improving your landscape area.

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