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Eliminate Mosquitoes in Your Yard Before it’s Too Late

Posted on May 1, 2017 by

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Nothing can ruin summer quite like mosquito bites. In addition to causing a persistent itch, mosquitoes can also carry serious diseases. Viruses like Zika and West Nile pose health threats to your friends and family, and heartworm is a mosquito-borne disease that puts both dogs and cats at risk. It’s important to gain control of these insects in your yard as early as possible. Rainy conditions in the spring create the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive once the weather warms, so now the time to take action.

When Mosquitoes Come Out

Mosquitoes don’t die off in winter; they hibernate and lay eggs that will hatch the following spring. Although the timing of their emergence varies by region and species type, most mosquitoes will appear once the temperature consistently remains above 50°F. In southern areas of the country, mosquitoes can come out as early as February. In the north, you’ll typically start seeing them by May. With spring already upon us, it’s time to start thinking about mosquito control strategies.

Ways You Can Control Mosquitoes Early

Eliminating standing water on your property is the most important contribution you can make to reduce the mosquito population on your property. Shallow puddles of water attract them and provide ideal breeding grounds to lay more eggs – and sometimes all they need is enough liquid to fill a bottle cap. Empty any objects in your yard that hold water, such as flowerpots, old tires, cans and buckets. You should also clear any clogs in your gutters. Yellow bug lights are harder for insects to see, so they don’t attract mosquitoes as easily as white lights do.  You can also stock up on repellents in preparation for mosquito season. Spring is also a good time to consider utilizing control services for mosquitoes, provided by professionals who know about the conditions in your specific area and can treat these pests accordingly.

Waiting Too Long Can Come Back to Bite You

As the weather warms, mosquitoes reproduce more rapidly. At the height of summer, new generations of mosquitoes will continue to propagate. If potential breeding grounds and eggs are left uncontrolled, these pests will multiply on your property. Any mosquitoes that live in your yard this summer will also lay eggs there for next year. Remember: by the time you start to notice mosquitoes this year, they will have already emerged and begun biting.

Benefits of Controlling Mosquitoes Early

The more mosquitoes you get rid of now, the fewer there will be when grilling season rolls around. You won’t have to take drastic measures later on, and you’ll have a much easier time enjoying your backyard. With mosquito populations lowered and potential breeding grounds limited, other mosquitoes won’t want to stay on your property. As a bonus, fewer eggs laid will mean fewer mosquitoes next spring.

What’s Your Mosquito Control Strategy?

With the on-going concerns of Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses, safety is a priority. The simple, early tasks outlined can save you a lot trouble and risk down the road, so don’t hesitate to start working on your mosquito control strategy. Even doing small things like wearing light colored clothing and turning unused containers upside down can keep mosquitoes away from your yard. The sooner you act, the faster you can enjoy your yard all season.

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