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Can Lawn Moles Be Controlled?

Posted on March 6, 2014 by Lawn Doctor

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Pest Alert! Do you ever encounter a mole lurking on your lawn? Well, moles are subterranean animals that spend 99 percent of their time below the ground. On average, these creatures are five to seven inches long and like to travel in ground tunnels.

Mole Characteristics

Moles have soft brown, silky fur covers. They like to hide and travel through tunnels in order to hunt for food. Some of the common food choices for lawn moles are earthworms, beetles, grubs, ants, and cicadas. Since moles are required to eat 50 to 100 percent of their body weight each day, they have a high metabolic rate.

So do not be surprised if you keep seeing the same mole around your lawn day and night because these creatures need to eat! As a result, moles will create extensive tunnel systems to make sure it is easy for them to get the food they need easily.

Mole Damage

Due to lawn moles digging through tunnels for food, the mole damage is described as raised tunneling through turf. This can cause yellow on the grass blades. Additionally, you will encounter mole hills, which resembles an eruption of soil with no visible exit or entry hole.

Mole Control

Mole traps are an effective mole control! Go to a local home or hardware store to find mole traps. Another effective way to get moles out of your lawn is repellents. These products direct moles away from your lawn to other locations.

Lawn Doctor’s lawn care professionals can also design a mole control program for your lawn.   Lawn Doctor offers controls, repellents and food source reduction treatments to rid your lawn of these pesky critters.

For any additional assistance, contact your local Lawn Doctor to maintain the quality landscape you want surrounding your home.

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