Lawn Seeding Services in Columbus

Male Lawn Doctor employee lawn seeding in ColumbusAt Lawn Doctor of Columbus, we are your source for lawn seeding success in the Columbus, OH area. We can take a lawn with bare spots, thinning areas, or that’s sparse overall and transform it into a lusher, fuller, healthier-looking yard that will be hard to recognize. We offer a range of seeding options, depending on your turf’s unique condition, each of which is designed to produce stunning results. We even back our seeding solutions with a 100% guarantee, the best in the business.

Trusted Provider of Lawn Seeding Services in Columbus

When your lawn needs to be seeded, it could be due to any number of factors. Pests, diseases, damage from pets and foot traffic, and aging turfgrass are just a few of them. Whatever situation you’re dealing with, the lawn seeding experts at Lawn Doctor of Columbus can help. We can quickly evaluate your lawn and offer recommendations for the seeding treatments that will work best to bring it back to life. Our options include:
  • Seeding for small spots and areas in your lawn that are thinning or bare
  • Overseeding your existing turf by planting seed over top, thickening and rejuvenating it in the process
  • Renovating and restoring old lawns that are dying, dead, or aging
  • Planting and establishing new lawns with high-performance varieties

Lawn Seeding Services in Columbus: What You Get with Our Approach

Lawn Doctor of Columbus is the trusted choice for lawn seeding services for a reason. Our team of experts not only understands the science behind how grass seed grows, but also Ohio’s climate conditions and how they impact germination rates and development. As a result, with Lawn Doctor of Columbus, you get seeding professionals you can trust to take your lawn to the next level. With our approach to lawn seeding at Lawn Doctor of Columbus, we will help to:
  • Cultivate your soil first to ensure the optimal growing conditions for seed. This includes providing pH balancing services, aeration, weed control, and more.
  • Recommend the grass types known for superior performance across the Columbus area. We’ll also discuss which varieties will work best within your unique lawn, as well as with your active lifestyle.
  • Seed at the times of year that are ideal for higher germination rates, more robust growth, and less competition from weeds.
  • Fertilize fresh seed to give it the nutritional boost it needs for rapid establishment.
  • Discuss the exact steps for you to take from mowing to watering before and after seeding to help support new growth.
Get a lawn you can love again by calling Lawn Doctor of Columbus and scheduling a free consultation at (614) 771-1589. Our lawn seeding services are offered all over Columbus, OH, including in communities such as Upper Arlington, Westerville, New Albany, Powell, and Dublin.