Do I Need Tick Spraying In Hanson? How To Know If Ticks Are In Your Yard

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to Lawn Doctor providing Tick Spraying In Hanson

At Lawn Doctor of South Shore, our tick spraying helps Hanson residents neutralize these dangerous pests. We offer fast-acting treatments to destroy adult ticks and eliminate their offspring. Our service is efficient, affordable, and covered by our leading No-Nonsense guarantee.

To find out if now is the time to secure our expert support, there are several ways to check your yard for ticks. Let’s take a look at three effective methods to find ticks lurking around your property.

How To Discover Ticks In Your Yard

Tick Dragging. When ticks hide out in the tall grass around your property, they attack their victims by crawling on their legs as they pass by. You can use this behavior to your advantage and check your yard for ticks. Take a lightly-colored cloth or towel and drag it around your grass. After you’ve completed a full sweep around your yard, take the cloth to your driveway and closely inspect it for ticks. Quickly destroy any that you find.

Check Your Pets. Checking your pets for tick bites is always a good idea. If they have been bitten by these disease-carrying pests, you want to take action as early as possible. These inspections will also be helpful in confirming the presence of ticks in your yard. Use your fingers to sift through their fur and inspect them directly on the skin. A tick bite will feel like a hard, small lump.

Use a Flashlight. You can use a flashlight to directly search for ticks. Target common tick habitats such as tall grass, debris, firewood piles, and other outdoor areas.

Professional Tick Spraying in Hanson

Ticks spread disease and present a constant source of stress for your home. If these pests are lurking around your property, it is time to take swift action. Basic protective remedies such as tick collars and shampoos are fine, but they should never be relied upon as your only means of defense. To get rid of these pests and restore peace to your yard, our expert tick spraying is the way to go. We offer fast, powerful, and efficient service at affordable rates.

Lawn Doctor of South Shore proudly destroys tick populations throughout:

  • Hanson
  • South Shore
  • Plymouth
  • Brockton
  • Hanover
  • And the surrounding areas

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