How Do I Know My Trees Are Healthy?

“Ever since we moved in, I’ve admired our neighbor’s trees along the way. They always looked beautiful to me – full of life, with really healthy leaves.” There was genuine admiration in Jenna’s voice. “But then last year, something happened. Several trees seemed to just shrivel up. Their leaves turned brown, even though it was raining regularly. They wound up having to have the trees cut down. When I asked them what happened, the husband told me it was some kind of fungal infection. Now I’m concerned. How do I know our trees are healthy?”

Understanding Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs play a central role in many Massachusetts homeowner’s landscaping. After getting a tree or foundation planting established, these plants do need special care to stay looking their best. Here’s a look at tree and shrub care services provided by the best local lawn service, with an explanation of why they’re important.

Inspection and Health Evaluation: This up close examination of your trees and shrubs provides the answer to your question of how do I know my trees are healthy? Trained professionals who are highly aware of what insect and disease looks like examine your trees for signs of either. If nothing is found, good news. If there is an issue, we move onto the next service: treatment.

Insect & Disease Treatment for Trees & Shrubs: The good news is that many tree problems, including insect damage and disease, move relatively slowly. If the proper treatment is applied promptly, many trees are quite resilient and can survive these health issues relatively unscathed.

Fertilization with Micronutrients: While you may be familiar with fertilizing the lawn, the fact is your trees and shrubs also have nutritional needs. The best Massachusetts lawn care companies provide individualized feeding regimens to trees and shrubs with micronutrients specifically selected to promote healthy growth.