The Snow Is Gone. It’s Time to Fertilize the Lawn!

If you want to have a great looking lawn, you need to understand the role soil nutrition has on the health and appearance of your grass. The native soil in the Pembroke area is a relatively thin layer of sandy loam, with not insignificant amounts of gravel, over bedrock.

This is not the ideal growing medium for many of the most popular grass varieties, as it’s not very nutritious. Just to make the situation more complicated, your lawn is continually losing nutrients due to rain, wind-driven erosion, and other natural processes. Even when selecting grass varieties for hardiness, it’s essential to fertilize throughout the year to ensure the lawn has adequate nutrition.

Want to Know a Secret? Fertilization is Not a DIY Job

If you’ve tried to fertilize your lawn on your own and have been frustrated by the results, know that you’re not alone. Lots of people spend tons of time and money trying to fertilize their lawn only to see no noticeable improvement in the appearance or health of their lawn. And there are plenty of folks who unfortunately over-fertilize their lawn, causing unsightly damaged patches – often right in front of the house.

Why is it so hard to fertilize a lawn properly? Honestly, it’s the chemistry. Every lawn is unique, right down to what’s known as its nutritional profile. Some lawns will need more of one nutrient to look its best, some lawns will need less. Yet most lawn fertilizing products available to the homeowner are one-size fits all solutions.

When you work with a professional Pembroke lawn service, your fertilization strategy is totally customized. The fertilizer itself will be idealized to meet your lawn’s specific needs best. The timing and method of application will also be tailored to deliver the best results for your lawn. This means you get a great looking lawn year round – simple & stress free!