Lawn Seeding in the Omaha Area

Want a thick, lush lawn that’s the envy of the neighbors? Aeration and lawn seeding are the fastest path toward achieving it. With aeration, soil compaction is reduced, so grass roots can take in more air, water and nutrients. Meanwhile, power seeding plants high quality, fresh seed, reinvigorating your lawn in the process. With aeration and seeding from Lawn Doctor of Omaha, you’ll get a lawn that can grow in thicker, healthier and vibrantly green.

Male Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a turf tamer machine performing lawn seeding in omahaPower Seeding with Our Exclusive Turf Tamer® Advantage

Lawns age, break down, and even die off. As this happens, they become more susceptible to weeds and insects. It’s not a pretty picture. But power seeding from Lawn Doctor of Omaha can help. With our power seeding services, we’ll cultivate your soil and then plant fresh seed right into it. This produces better seed-to-soil contact. It also means there will be a higher rate of germination. As a result, you can expect a thick, beautiful lawn that’s more naturally resistant to weeds and insects.

Lawn Doctor of Omaha’s Turf Tamer equipment can offer you a unique advantage in lawn seeding. Not only does it use the latest ground-metered technology, but it’s also designed with reciprocating action that doesn’t harm your turf. Throughout the process, the equipment prepares the soil, promotes aeration and ensures the perfect amount of grass seed is evenly distributed. As a result, new grass will grow in consistently beautiful, without clumpy patches.

Fall is the best time to perform power seeding in the Omaha area. Not only will seeding in the fall prepare your lawn to come alive in spring, but developing grass also has less competition with invasive weeds. In addition, fall’s warmer days and cooler nights – as well as bountiful rainfall – produce optimal conditions for new grass seed to germinate and develop.

Why Lawn Doctor of Omaha for Lawn Seeding Services?

Because we make lawn care easy. You don’t have to worry about when to seed, what grass seed mixture to use, or how to apply it. Instead, leave lawn seeding to the experts at Lawn Doctor of Omaha. We have everything you need – from the experienced technicians with localized knowledge to the advanced equipment – to help you get the lush, healthy lawn you want. We even back our services with a total satisfaction guarantee.

You don’t need to be an expert in lawn care to get the lawn of your dreams. All you need is Lawn Doctor of Omaha. Call us today at 402.210.2058 to schedule a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding and aeration services are available to homeowners in Omaha, including in Elkhorn, Bennington, and Millard.